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    Olivia Newman – Johnston’s Young Painter of the Year Competition Final

    Having won the South-East regional heats Olivia Newman, our Painting and Decoration Apprentice, did exceptionally well to finish runner up in the Johnston’s Young Painter of the Year Competition Final. Congratulations to her from all of us here at Charlier Construction Ltd.

    Upon her achievement Ms Newman said;

    I enjoy the competitiveness of the competitions, because it reminds me that other painters my age are just as passionate and gifted. There is always a friendly vibe towards the whole process, the fellow decorators are always encouraging to each other, and the standard of work produced is so high.


    It’s always nice to go and submerse yourself back into the decorating world where everyone is just as interested and proud of the craft as yourself. It leaves you feeling inspired to go work on new projects or branch out into new ones.

    The designs that we are given for the assessment pieces are always challenging, but the end result is always one to be proud of. Seeing others do well and display such high quality skills pushes yourself to be the best you can.

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    It’s allowed me to show potential at work and use my skills on the job. Without being given the opportunity to take-on my apprenticeship, I would never have been able to compete, or show what I can produce. So I am very grateful for that and those who have supported me.

    Olivia Newman

    The full story can be read here