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    We carry out projects for a wide range of commercial clients throughout Kent. We alter layouts and organise space to accommodate changing needs, provide facilities for the disabled and elderly, renew kitchens and bathrooms on a commercial scale, upgrade student accommodation, refurbish communal areas in blocks of flats and offices, carry out interior designers’ projects and maintain factory accommodation.

    Whatever the task, be it upgrading existing facilities, maintaining and refurbishing buildings internally or externally, we work with our clients to provide successful outcomes.

    Gas Training Facilities

    New teaching and learning facilities installed for Gas Safe trainees such as meters, boilers and cooking appliances.    

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    Folkestone Indoor Bowls Club

    External decoration and refurbishment of Folkestone Bowls Club.

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    Aspen and Westcliff

    External cleaning and restoration of concrete clad building, including roof repairs, renewal of balcony glazing and redecoration

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    Hythe Town Hall

    External maintenance and repair including renewal of sash windows

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    The Grand Hotel

    External stone and brickwork repairs to fa?ade of listed building, renewing copper to dome, stonework repairs and carrying out external decoration and repairs to timber windows

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    Barn Conversion

    This scheme was the transformation of a single storey, dilapidated, redundant farm building into commercial office space.

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    Alteration and upgrade of Student accommodation to provide state of the art facilities

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