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    We work on listed and historic buildings including Churches using traditional build and repair techniques. We are experienced in carrying out repairs and maintenance, working with lime renders, plasters, lime wash, stone, brick, flint, soft and hardwoods, Kent pegs, shingles and lead. We use specialists whenever necessary, for example, when repairing stained glass windows.

    St Peter’s Church, Folkestone – Phase 2

    Having successfully completed Phase 1 earlier in 2018, Charlier Construction Ltd went on to win the Phase 2 of the works to St Peter’s Church. This principally involved the complete internal re-decoration, electrical re-configuration and refurbishment of the church as well as further external works to the Bellcot, Lightening Conductors and replacement of Wire Guards Continue reading

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    St Peter’s Church, Folkestone – Phase 1

    St. Peter’s Church in Folkestone, being one of the oldest church sites in the area, presented plenty of challenges during Phase 1 of works undertaken by Charlier Construction Ltd. Phase 1 of the works primarily involved repairs to the fleche, this being the lead covered delicate spire, sitting high above Folkestone Harbour. The fleche had Continue reading

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    Kent College – Chapel Roof Replacement

    Complete re-roofing of Kent College Chapel Roof. Redecoration and repair of external timber domer windows and Cupola. Stone masonry repairs and refurbishment of stained glass windows.

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    8 The High Street

    External refurbishment and redecoration of a Grade 2 Listed 14th Century building and conversion of the internal office space to four high specification flats on Canterbury High Street.

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    Garrison Church

    Provision of new handrails and associated maintenance

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    Hythe Town Hall

    External maintenance and repair including renewal of sash windows

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    The Grand Hotel

    External stone and brickwork repairs to fa?ade of listed building, renewing copper to dome, stonework repairs and carrying out external decoration and repairs to timber windows

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    Old Coach House

    Complete refurbishment and part rebuild of existing stables and coach house

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    Refurbishment of mainly 14th century St George’s Church Ivychurch

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    Dover Seafront Shelters

    Repair, refurbishment and decoration of seafront shelters

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